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Have heard of auto transmission in your car but not sure what it means? Auto transmission is one of the vital components in your car as it is the one sending power to the wheels in your car. If you want smooth gear changes while driving your car, the auto transmission should be working perfectly then.

Contact the skilled and professional team of mechanics at BCS Workshop today for an auto transmission check-up in your car.

If there are any strange noises that you hear while driving or while you change the gears in the car, there are chances that the auto transmission in your car is faulty. Others problems could be that the transmission fluid is low or that it is leaking. Whatever the issue may be, it is best to get a thorough check-up done by professionals like BCS Workshop.

How auto transmission works?

For auto transmission to work effectively, different parts in your car need to work together, such as electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and computer parts.

  • The hydraulic system ensures that there is a continuous supply of fluid that helps in proper lubrication and shift control in your vehicle.
  • The gear set contains gears, the combination of which makes your car run properly.
  • The pump helps in moving the fluid around the vehicle.
  • The torque convertor that connects the transmission and the engine together.

Benefits of engaging BCS Workshop for your auto transmission services

  • Our comprehensive auto transmission services ensure that the transmission in your car is in tune and that there are no leaks.
  • We will top up all fluids that can prevent major issues with the auto transmission in your car.
  • Our team of highly trained mechanics will service your car and drain or replace the auto transmission if needed.
  • We will clean and replace all filters.
  • We will check the shift pattern in the car by performing a full road test and carry any adjustments that are needed.
  • We will also thoroughly inspect the auto transmission for any other issues or leakage problems.
  • We always use high-quality spare parts and industry-standard fluids and lubricants.

BCS Workshop is indeed one of the best car services companies in Melbourne. We have an independently owned service centre and workshop in Mulgrave that houses the best-in-class equipment and technical tools to perform the best job that your car needs.

We are known by our previous customers for providing high-class service, many years of experience and sound knowledge of cars from almost all makes and models. Plus our workmanship is backed by the industry-leading company Bosch and long-term warranty on our services.

So look no further. Your search ends here with BCS Workshop. Contact us today for auto transmission services and repairs for your car.


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