New Car Servicing Mulgrave

1. Log Book Service

As an authorised service department we can service your car as per the vehicle requirements. We will stamp your logbook as per the manufacturer's specifications and maintain your new car warranty.

Log Book Service

2. Car Serviceing (Minor, Intermediate, Major)


Our professional minor servicing consists of removing all wheels and inspecting the brakes for wear. The brakes will also be adjusted if required.


Major services are necessary when the general service management of your vehicle requires some specialised treatment and attention. We recommend booking in for a Major Service every two years to keep your car in good condition.

Car Servicing (Minor, Intermediate, Major)

3. Fixed Price Service

So, the next time your vehicle is due for an auto repair or service, don’t just take it to a random dealer – reach us.

Fixed Price Service

4. New Car Servicing

A common requirement for an extended dealers warranty is that the car be serviced by the dealer offering the warranty. In this instance, an independent workshop such as Bosch Car Service will void the warranty if they service the car under this extended warranty.

New Car Servicing

5. Prestige Car Service

Book an appointment for your European car servicing or mechanical repairs with our BCS PRESTIGE now !

Premium Car Service

6. Fleet Servicing

We specialise in total fleet maintenance on vans and light truck less than 4 tons. Whether you own small or a large fleet, we are your trusted brand for helping you maintain your fleet on road.

Fleet Servicing