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Exhaust system for cars has several functions: to reduce engine noise, reduce pollution, improve performance, fuel economy and direct poisonous gases away from the car and the people inside.

The exhaust system is like the "lungs" of your car- it shoots the gases that runs your engine out, and the way it is done can affect the performance of your car. If you have poorly running exhaust system, it will affect your fuel economy and may also fail a vehicle emissions test. So, it is important to ensure you keep your exhaust system in great condition as replacing it can be costly.

How do you know if something is wrong with your car’s exhaust system?

If everyone in the street is looking for cover or turning their heads towards you because your car just made the loudest noise, you know the exhaust system is the culprit. Anytime you hear the exhaust system making more noise than what you are used to in the past, you know it is time to contact the best car mechanics in town

Sometimes however, there are hidden problems with the exhaust system in your car that you cannot identify with a simple loud noise. You need specialists and trained technicians like the team at BCS Workshop to inspect the exhaust system thoroughly to look for faults.

Having a good working exhaust system also increases the performance of your car and is an easy, cost-effective route to take without engaging in buying expensive parts.

At BCS Workshop, we can make a difference to your car’s performance by adding a high-quality extractor that can:

  • improve the fuel economy
  • increase the towing power
  • make the engine cooler
  • increase the torque (in case you have a 4-wheel drive).

Are there issues with your car’s catalytic converter?

Catalytic converters convert the harmful gases released from a car’s exhaust system into environmentally friendly gases. A fully functional catalytic converter not only ensures your family is not breathing any poisonous air while on a ride, it also ensures our mother nature remains pure at the same time. Our trained team of qualified technicians can repair a faulty catalytic converter, so it works efficiently.

Why BCS Workshop for your exhaust system repairs?

  • Our workmanship is backed by the industry-leading company Bosch.
  • We have a state-of-the-art workshop in Mulgrave and handle all repairs as an independent service and repair centre.
  • We house a big range of exhaust systems that can suit almost all makes and models of cars and light-weight vehicles.
  • We have the expertise to fix any issues with your car’s exhaust system to maximise its efficiency and prevent any harmful gases to be released from your vehicle.
  • We provide full guarantee on our service and use of spare parts.

So wait no further. Contact BCS Workshop today to find the right solution for your car’s faulty exhaust system.


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