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Radiator and the cooling system service

When the cooling system in your car and the radiator need maintenance, repair or any kind of minor or major service, BCS Workshop is your one-stop shop.

We can help you with all kinds of repair and maintenance services for the radiator and the cooling system in your car. An efficient and functional cooling system ensures that your car engine does not heat up too much by circulating coolant in the engine. It also prevents overheating of the engine and its components ensuring it lasts longer.

Always keep an eye on your dashboard to check for signs that show that your vehicle is getting hotter than its normal range. If you notice any warning signals, that’s the time you need the help of trained mechanics like us to inspect your cooling system and repair it in a timely manner.

We are the experts in radiator flush that can help in keeping congestion away from your cooling system so it is fully functional and runs to its full potential at all times.

Why BCS Workshop for radiator flush?

At our service centre and workshop in Mulgrave, you are treated professionally with our trained team of technicians who will carefully flush the radiator of your vehicle with the help of high-quality cleaning agents that clean away any debris and dust from the channels. Once the cooling system is thoroughly cleaned, we add the new coolant in and bring back the cooling system to its 100 per cent efficiency.

  • We always use high-quality products for the radiator and the cooling system in your car.
  • We will ensure that the radiator is flushed regularly so it is free from dust and debris that can clog the cooling system.
  • We are qualified to service your brand new cars so your manufacturer’s and dealership warranties remain valid throughout.
  • We are an independent service centre and all repairs are performed at our workshop in Mulgrave.
  • We can be your long-term car repair partner and perform low-cost, high-quality radiator flush once a year to increase the efficiency of the radiator and the car engine.

An efficient radiator flush can:

  • decrease chances of blown head gaskets.
  • boost your car’s power and performance.
  • prevent corrosion in the engine parts.
  • keep your manufacturer’s warranty and vehicle specifications valid.

We can also help you with more details on the cooling system and the radiator in your car. This can include information about changing or replacing the cooling system hoses, changing the coolant in the car, the radiator flush, or even if it is simply knowing about managing and protecting the cooling system in your car. Talk to us about a cost-effective quote regarding the coolant system and the radiator in your car.


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