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If you want your car to perform in its top condition, the suspension needs to be in top condition too. What does suspension do anyway you would ask? The suspension in your car provides a comfortable and a smooth ride in all terrains. With the right suspension, all four tyres of your car remain close to the road that in turn ensures that the braking, the steering and the driving system are in full sync, fully functional and effective.

How does suspension work?

The two main components that play a major role in your car’s suspension are the shock absorbers and the springs. It is important that these two parts are repaired and fully maintained; however, other parts such as suspension bushes, tie rod ends and ball joints need to be working fine too.

If your car shows any of the below signs, it is time that you see car service professionals like BCS Workshop to get them replaced.

  • Do the tyres in your car show unusual wear and tear?
  • Does the car dip forward when you apply the brakes?
  • Are the shock absorbers leaking fluid from the car?
  • Do you think the car does not handle properly specially around corners and road edges?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, contact the expert team of technicians at BCS Workshop today.

Why choose BCS Workshop for your suspension repairs?

At BCS Workshop, we stock a big range of struts, suspension and shock absorbers replacement spare parts. On top of that, our team is highly trained and provides world-class services to bring your car back to its best condition with up-to-date suspension.

We are well known in Melbourne for our state-of-the-art workshop and high-quality car repair and maintenance services. Our work is fully backed by the industry-leading company Bosch and this speaks of the top quality services you can get at BCS Workshop.

Never leave the suspension of your vehicle unchecked for a long time. Some defects can be hidden and become major over time, which can risk the lives of your loved ones. It is best to engage the experts as soon as you start seeing the smallest signs of wear and tear with the suspension of the steering system of your car.

If you are not sure whether your car needs any suspension repair work or not, you are still welcome to walk in our service centre in Mulgrave for a thorough check-up. We will assess your car and its suspension system and advise you on fixing any issues we may find with the suspension or if your car needs shock absorber replacement. Contact BCS Workshop today and ensure your car’s suspension is performing at its full potential.


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